About Us

Freemont Street Neons

Visiting the sin city can be lots of fun

We are a group of entrepreneurs with love of pleasing the heck out of our clients. some of us have lived in Las Vegas for over 45 years and some have had numerous experience in tours around the world with definite knowledge of all the secrets that you can imagine had happened, and perhaps still happening... Remember, what goes on in Vegas, Stays in Vegas (if you don't tell).

Bryce Canyon

What is excitement to you?

Going for a hike? Seeing the world under? Visiting the Desert? Going Skiing? Checking out the world's wonders? Fresh air breathing? Night lights? Comparing cities within cities? Sport and dangerous events? or simply going to the world's biggest strip clubs? We got these if not many other amazing tours so unique that you will be visiting us many more times again!

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The Best Deals in the Las Vegas Valley!

We are very exclusive service provider with detail knowledge of places that locals know about! We do not mix you up with other people so you are not going to be seen as a tourist. You get your guide and a vehicle fit  for your party and no one will be changing your desires at a cost comparable to small VIP service.  Try us out and enjoy the best tours for an affordable life time memories.

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